Friday, April 27, 2012


Recount of weekend

1.      Chronologically writing

2.      respiratory system ,

3.      decimals ,

4.      digestive system,

5.       topic  sentence

6.        Skipping

7.        Blog

8.      Connectives

Various tasking Week I had ever felt. We had done Many curriculum activities in this week. It was fun to do chronological writing. Later, we have done with other subject’s homework such as Learned about Respiratory System, Digestive System, Etc.  Meanwhile, I was doing writing and reading part everyday at home.

We had done sports in school and had great energy by skipping in that class hour. I feel that I’m best in skipping and can be the winner at times. I like to do maths in class and we had also done decimals in this week.

Finally we plan to put all the data in a separate word document and posted on a blog. It was fantastic week I had spend in this month.

Hope it would be more learning’s and Entertainment in the next forward weeks.  

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